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HaliBlab is a show for small businesses in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'll talk
to businesses you may be watching and a some you haven't heard of. I love to hear the stories of local businesses--how they started and where they're going--and of course, how they're leveraging social media.

Dec 8, 2018

Episode 13 of HaliBlab features Jacob Boudreau, a 3D printing enthusiast and Founder & CEO of Kindness3D. This biotech company uses 3D printing technology to create a more elabourate and affordable prosthetic limb. K3D started out as a chapter of E-Nable, a non profit group that uses 3D printing technology and community support to supply the world with free artificial limbs. You can help by donating your plastic pop bottle caps and marijuana container caps.
We are planning to have Jacob back on HaliBlab in future as his connection cut out part way through.
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